Posted on 22 Sep, 2020

UPDATE 4/8/20

As Victoria moves into stage 4 lockdown, we are currently operational and processing all orders coming through. At this stage, we're still experiencing some delays with our suppliers in regards to stock which is resulting in slowed dispatch times. This is further hindered by the workloads of our postal and courier services.

So while your order is being processed, please be patient and understanding at this time. Should there be any extraordinary delays on your order, you will be notified as soon as possible. 

Due to limited onsite warehouse and administrative staff, we prefer you email rather than call and we will respond to you quickly.  If you have an urgent matter or your parcel delivery is well outside the time-frame, please contact us directly at and include your order number.  This is the fastest and most efficient way as some of us are currently working from home. 

Our showroom is closed for viewing pending on the stage 4 restriction status.

Stay safe, 

Chrysalini Team


UPDATE 27/4/20

We would like to thank every one of you for your patience through this hard time. Thanks to your understanding and communication, we are still going strong! While some areas of our suppliers have improved, others have suffered and we are changing day by day to accommodate this and ensure everything we offer to you is still available.  We greatly appreciate your emails in checking on the stock prior to ordering and have worked very closely with suppliers to get these answers back to you as quick as we can.

In addition, we are now experiencing some delays with our deliveries (regular post).  While most express post orders are delivered within their time frames, we are seeing an increasing amount be held up once they are dispatched via regular post.  Unfortunately, we are unable to change post services as this is happening across the board. While transport is an essential service, the overwhelming demand for online orders has taken its toll on these services and is currently resulting in excessive delays.  If you're concerned your order is held up longer than usual, has been lost or delivered incorrectly, please contact us. Otherwise please be patient and know it is coming, it's just taking a little while longer. 

Thank you for your ongoing support at this time.

Chrysalini Team



MARCH 2020

As we all know the current state of the global pandemic that is COVID-19 is everchanging. We at Chrysalini will continue to strive to meet our high standards of customer service and support while adapting to the social and political climate.  Our biggest hurdle is acquiring stock, with many suppliers relying on countries and shipments that have been isolated or quarantined. This combined with new restrictions/social distancing laws imposed by both state and federal government has lead to extended turn-around times on some orders and products.

After meeting with a few of our suppliers we are under the understanding that this is likely to worsen over the coming weeks. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee lead times on products we do not have stock on our shelves, and any indication of delivery dates are subject to change.  Additionally, this will also lead to delays in responding to online enquiries due to extensive time spent servicing existing orders.

We greatly appreciate your business and your understanding during this time. Again we will continue to assist you as best we can, and keep you updated should the situation change. Please be patient, understanding, and be kind as we are all in this together.

Stay Safe,

Chrysalini Team

Modern Wedding Magazine Autumn 70

Posted on 01 Apr, 2016
Modern Wedding Magazine Autumn 70

In this “THE BEAUTIFUL EDITION”, Modern Wedding Art Director Kimberlee Kessler takes us on a journey – “THE WILDEST DREAM” with spellbinding fashion shoots set amongst an amazing cactus farm backdrop in beautiful Hamilton.   Inspiration for brides looking for uniquely embellished, boho luxe gowns and accessories with a touch of Gypset style.

“Explore the possibilities in free-spirited designs with a touch of boho luxe style.  Let your imagination run wild with unexpected accessories, unique embellishments and soft shades that echo untamed natural beauty.  Begin the adventure with bare feet, wind-tousled hair and open heart.  Your desert dream starts here” Kimberlee Kessler.

Credits: Photography- Lost in Love Photography, Stylist- Kimberlee Kessler, Stylist’s Assistant- Alegria Alano, Hair & Makeup- Janice  Wu Hair, Location – Hamiliton’s World of Cacti

Here are some Chrysalini jewellery and accessories as featured in Modern Wedding Magazine (Autumn Vol 70).  

FRONT COVER - Earrings (EE2005)
Page 150 – Statement Necklace (DN0165) & Rings (ER2002)
Page 153 - Statement Necklace (DN0170) & Bangle (DB1416)
Page 154  Charm bracelet (JB1445)
Page 156  Earrings (ME344), Bangle (JB1040), Rings (KR3270)
Page 157  Headpiece (IVY), Rings (ER2006, ER2007, ER2008, ER2009, XPR025, XPR026, XPR027), bangle (EB2002, EB2003) & bracelet (MB0039)
Page 158  Bangle (JB1060)
Page 159  Bangle (JB1030)
Page 160 Bangle (JB1010) & Necklace (JN3007)
Page 162 Earrings (EE2005)
Page 164  - Slave bracelet (DB1414)
Page 165  - Bangle (JB1040)