Modern Wedding Magazine Autumn 70

Posted on 01 Apr, 2016
Modern Wedding Magazine Autumn 70

In this “THE BEAUTIFUL EDITION”, Modern Wedding Art Director Kimberlee Kessler takes us on a journey – “THE WILDEST DREAM” with spellbinding fashion shoots set amongst an amazing cactus farm backdrop in beautiful Hamilton.   Inspiration for brides looking for uniquely embellished, boho luxe gowns and accessories with a touch of Gypset style.

“Explore the possibilities in free-spirited designs with a touch of boho luxe style.  Let your imagination run wild with unexpected accessories, unique embellishments and soft shades that echo untamed natural beauty.  Begin the adventure with bare feet, wind-tousled hair and open heart.  Your desert dream starts here” Kimberlee Kessler.

Credits: Photography- Lost in Love Photography, Stylist- Kimberlee Kessler, Stylist’s Assistant- Alegria Alano, Hair & Makeup- Janice  Wu Hair, Location – Hamiliton’s World of Cacti

Here are some Chrysalini jewellery and accessories as featured in Modern Wedding Magazine (Autumn Vol 70).  

FRONT COVER - Earrings (EE2005)
Page 150 – Statement Necklace (DN0165) & Rings (ER2002)
Page 153 - Statement Necklace (DN0170) & Bangle (DB1416)
Page 154  Charm bracelet (JB1445)
Page 156  Earrings (ME344), Bangle (JB1040), Rings (KR3270)
Page 157  Headpiece (IVY), Rings (ER2006, ER2007, ER2008, ER2009, XPR025, XPR026, XPR027), bangle (EB2002, EB2003) & bracelet (MB0039)
Page 158  Bangle (JB1060)
Page 159  Bangle (JB1030)
Page 160 Bangle (JB1010) & Necklace (JN3007)
Page 162 Earrings (EE2005)
Page 164  - Slave bracelet (DB1414)
Page 165  - Bangle (JB1040)